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Hannah Belacqua

Post by Hannah on Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:21 am

Name: Hannah Belacqua
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Element: Fire

Traits: Cheerful, kind, intelligent, stubborn, curious, passionate, sarcastic, honest, straight-forward, charming, optimistic.
Description: Hannah is quite a bubbly girl. She is mostly seen smiling, and rarely seen unhappy. She is a very kind person who always tries her best to be as nice as possible, and she always tries to see the best in others. Hannah is very smart. She always scores well on tests, but it’s not like she has to do nothing for it. She actually studies pretty hard and is quite the bookworm, but she’s not buried in a book 24/7, she knows how to balance it well. Hannnah is really stubborn. She likes things to go her way and she likes to be right all the time. If she’s wrong, she’ll have a lot of trouble admitting this to others, and she probably won’t anyway. Hannah is also curious. She likes to know what’s going on all the time, and if someone won’t tell her, she’ll just find a way to find out herself. She’s very passionate about things she likes and doesn’t mind showing this. Even though she comes off as the happy-go-lucky girl next door, she does have her bad traits. Hannah can be too sarcastic for her own good, sometimes she just doesn’t notice that what she’s saying actually isn’t as nice as she thought it would be. She’s also very honest, and while this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad trait, it usually is in Hannah’s case. Because Hannah is also really straight-forward, she doesn’t always stop to think before she says something, she just says it, only to regret it afterwards. She is a very charming girl, and usually knows her way with people very well. Hannah always likes to see the best in things, even if situations seem to only head downhill.
Likes: Cooking, reading and cats.
Dislikes: Insects, sour tastes and pessimists.
Fears: Loneliness, confined spaces and heights.

Hair: Hannah has long, brown/orange hair, the colour depending on the way the light hits it. She usually lets it hang loose, with a part of it braided. She also has bangs.
Eyes: Her eyes are big and have a golden shade of brown.
Height: Hannah stands at 1m73.
Build: She has a fairly skinny and lean build.
Other characteristics: -

History: Hannah’s life started pretty uneventful, really. She grew up with loving parents, a younger sister and a cat. Her parents were fairly wealthy, so they could provide their daughters with anything they needed. This went on for the first 13 years of her life, being the first 9 of her sister’s, who was 4 years her junior.

A few weeks after Hannah turned 13, things started going downhill for their family. Her mother fell terribly ill, which prevented her from going to work or doing anything, really, forcing her father to work less too, in order to take care of his wife and two daughters. Their income changed drastically, and with that also their lifestyle. They had to sell their house and move to one way smaller, for most of their money went to treatments for her mother’s illness. It all turned out to be for nothing, though, when Hannah’s mother passed away not even a year later, two weeks before the girls 14th birthday.

Once his wife had passed, Hannah’s father got stuck in a terrible depression. He didn’t go to his job anymore, he didn’t do any work around the house and he barely even looked at his two daughters, for they reminded him too much of his wife. Most tasks now fell on Hannah’s shoulders, since she was the oldest of the two and she couldn’t really ask her now 10 year old little sister to do all the work.

Four years went by like this, with Hannah working part-time jobs to provide for her family while her father did his best to get better, or at least so he claimed to do. Hannah never saw any progress, though, and when she had just turned 18 years old, her father passed away in his sleep. Whenever her sister asked why their father had died, Hannah would explain that it was because of a broken heart.

Having nowhere else to turn, Hannah decided to leave her sister to live at their aunt. She was now the only family they had, and even though she was a dreadful woman, she would be able to take care of the younger girl. She refused to take Hannah in too, though, forcing the older one to find something else for herself.

Luckily, she had recently found out she could control Fire, and was in fact a Fire Mage. Therefore, Hannah decided to turn to the Winslow Academy of Magic.

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Re: Hannah Belacqua

Post by Lyra Winslow on Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:34 am

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