The RPG rules

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The RPG rules

Post by Lyra Winslow on Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:09 pm


  • Character:  Before you can start roleplaying, you must have an approved character. Please wait until one of our staff members has given their approval before you start posting in the RPG.
  • God Modding: Do not God Mod. God Modding means controlling another person's character without their permission.
  • Topics: You can have up to three active topics at the same time. Topics are all chronological.

    For example, say you have two active topics. We'll call them A and B. Topic A was created today, topic B was created yesterday. Even though you entered topic A before topic B, chronologically topic B still happened first, because it was created before topic A.
  • Posting: Please take your posts seriously. Use proper English.  Every post has to have a minimum of 150 words.

II. Magic

  • Elements: There are four elements of magic to choose from, you can only pick one per character. The elements are Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Each element has it's own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Fire:Impulsive and dangerous, there is nothing subtle about the element of fire. While it provides warmth and light, fire isn’t truly a friend to anyone should they draw too close.  Its radiance and vivid hues serve as a warning of its unforgiving nature that never hesitates to burn anything foolish enough to come into contact with it, leaving behind nothing but ash. Fire's opposing element is Water.
  • Water:Often regarded as the element of life, water possesses a soothing calmness. The element of water is constant, relentless and extremely versatile. That, however, does not mean that it is purely benevolent. Water can be equally dangerous as its more volatile counterpart, its blessings of rain turning into fierce storms that drown and devastate. Water's opposing element is Fire.
  • Earth: Unlike most elements, Earth is the one that embodies patience and day to day stability. Sturdy and strong, this particular element’s specialty is its steadfast nature and the ability to outlast whichever storm that it meets. Though often regarded as a protective element, Earth isn’t without its furies either calling forth earthquakes and fissures that turn the land inside out. Earth's opposing element is Wind.
  • Air: The element of air displays a myriad of qualities that often portray it as the most fickle of elements. A gentle breeze or a whispering caress could change into a howling tornado in the blink of an eye, uprooting trees and wreaking havoc on the land. Despite its unpredictability, the element’s many aspects allow it to be manipulated to suit varying situations. Wind's opposing element is Earth.

III. Ranks

  • Ranks: There are a total of 8 ranks that can be reached. Everyone start at the lowest rank: Basic. By taking lessons you can work your way up in the ranks.
    The ranks go as followed:
    - Basic
    - Novice [5.000 EXP]
    - Intermediate [10.000 EXP]
    - Experienced [25.000 EXP]
    - Expert [50.000 EXP]
    - Hero [100.000 EXP]
    - Legendary [250.000 EXP]
    - Master [500.000 EXP]
  • Lessons: Every now and then, a lesson will be posted. It is up to you whether you want to join these or not, since it is not mandatory. However, attending lessons gives you experience, and experience is needed for you to rank up. Each lesson gives a different amount of EXP. There are three tiers of difficulty. There's easy lessons, these give 1.000 EXP per lesson, there are medium lessons, that give 5.000 EXP per lesson and there are the difficult lessons, which give 10.000 EXP per lesson. When you have finished a lesson, post a topic with the link in the Staff Center and your EXP will be rewarded. Additionally, you get 50 EXP per normal RPG post.
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